It is important to be GOOD.
It is more important to be TRUSTED.

Lower Overhead = Lower Fees:  We meet you where you live and work.  We don't have fancy offices, fancy conference rooms, or fancy artwork.  What we do have is a team of experienced professionals who utilize technology to communicate and collaborate.  We have ditched the traditional high-rise penthouse suite in favor of comfortable flexible work environments where we can maximize our efficiency.  

Fees & Expenses

Hourly rates decrease efficiency and necessarily pit the lawyer against the client.  For this reason, The Morgan Law Firm uses a flat-fee model for nearly every case.   We begin with a cursory review of your case for a flat fee.  Thereafter, we prepare a litigation budget that offers you either a flat fee or an hourly rate.  It is your choice!   However, we believe flat fee billing is the better option.
Flat Fee Billing allows you to know, in advance, the cost of your legal services. We break down common cases into segments which allow you pay as you go.  Another advantage of flat-fee billing is that it allows us to control the tempo of the litigation process.  We can quickly and efficiently resolve cases.  Where Opposing Counsel is attempting to get your bill to go higher, you can rest easy that your bill will not be raised as we negotiate the best possible result.
Travel is included.  We incorporate travel costs into our fees.  You are paying for us to be there for you.  Our on-site fees incorporate the cost of travel to your location.  Let us worry about how we get there.