It is important to be GOOD.
It is more important to be TRUSTED.

It is important to be GOOD
It is more important to be TRUSTED 
At The Morgan Law Firm, we believe that the key to our success is to be trusted by our clients.  For over 10 years, we have been beside our clients from start to finish.  We are a national law firm offering litigation services throughout the country by embracing the concept that you deserve one law firm/one lawyer handing all of your litigation needs.   

We have build a unique structure here, allowing us to litigate and represent clients in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Texas, California, Colorado, and throughout the nation. 

We specialize in protecting what you have built.   We offer contract General Counsel Services for small and large businesses throughout the nation including some of the nation's largest franchisees. 

Business Formation:  Whether you are developing a Sole Propietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, or a Corporation, we are here to help you from the ground up.

Internal Investigations:  Whether it is theft, fraud, sexual harassment, or other violation of the law or regulation, our attorneys conduct discreet and focused investigations that provide transparancy for executives and stakeholders.  Where necessary, we recommend appropriate resolutions to reduce potential liability and ensure your reputation and bottom line remain intact. 

Self-Insured Retention:   If your business has a Self-Insured Retention (SIR) Policy, we can provide the defense services.  We understand that litigation can effect your bottom line.    A SIR  can provide significant savings on insurance premiums.  Another advantage is greater control over the claims adjustment process.  When a claim falls within the SIR, we can help you decide whether to settle it or contest it in court. We, together, will have an incentive to control losses since you will be paying many of them using your own funds. 

Claims Resolution (Prior to Litigation):    All claims, potential claims, and litigation matters arising within your company can be assigned to us for the purpose of investigating, researching, and where appropriate determining whether negotiation or litigation is the proper way to resolve the case.   This is particularly valuable in Self-Insured Retention (SIR) cases where the SIR Liability limit has not been reached. 
Government Investigations and Inquiries:   All local, state, and federal inquiries will be referred to us as soon as possible for review. We will represent the company's interests. 
Pre-Litigation Investigation:   In certain circumstances, the company may wish to bring a lawsuit against another person or company.  In such a circumstance, we will provide comprehensive investigation services to determine the feasibility of the lawsuit.

Direct Litigation Services:  In states and/or judicial districts where we are licensed/admitted, or may be admitted pro hac vice, we will provide Direct Litigation Services in all third-party claims, government investigations, and unemployment claims. Direct Litigation Services include representation prior to and during litigation including, but not limited to pleadings, discovery, settlement, trial, and appeal.  

Litigation Oversight:  In jurisdictions where we are not licensed to practice law, we will select, hire, and supervise outside counsel in a manner that best represents your interests.

Criminal & DUI Defense Services :   White-Collar and DUI Defense services provided by experienced counsel.  Attorney Morgan is a recognized expert in the field of DUI.  For more information, or 

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